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Del Sol Yoga Retreat--February, 2015
Nosara, Costa Rica...Call 443-433-0462 to register

New VaihAyasa (Aerial Yoga) Class
The Sanskrit word for Aerial Yoga is VaihAyasa, which means moving or suspending in the air. VaihAyasa uses a soft fabric hammock that allows the student to deeply relax into proper alignment without strain to the joints. Using the fabric to assist with inversion allows the spine and neck to decompress. The weight of your body supported by the fabric creates space in the neck and spine. Stretching is easier and benefits the connective tissue, the fabric is a wonderful prop that allows deep stretching, strengthening and releasing.

The benefits of VaihAyassa (Aerial Yoga):
- Decompresses the spine
- Deeper stretches to release connective tissue
- Creates space in the body
- Safe traction in the neck by pulling gently on the spine to open the vertebral column
- Eliminate toxins and lactic acid build-up
- Clearer mind
- Glowing skin and reduced wrinkles

Classes are limited to 16. Please sign-up ahead of time for Saturday Aerial Yoga classes, as these classes fill up quickly. Let your instructor know about medical issues such as glaucoma, heart problems, or dizziness.

Please note: The fabric can snag easily, so please do not wear jewelery and keep nails trimmed. Also wear a shirt that covers your underarms for comfort. Don't eat or drink right before class

Essential Oils for Stress Release
Saturday, October 25th

When you alleviate stress in your body and mind, our overall vitality is improved and we strengthen our body to heal itself. Essential oils do this on a cellular level from the inside out. Benefits include: better mood, enhanced sleep quality, improved digestion, pain management, increased immunity, overall well-being.

Exploring the Alexander Technique with Robin Gilmore
Sunday, October 26th

Increase sensory awareness and learn how to "improve as you move" in your daily activities. Make changes away from stress and toward freedom and toward freedom and flexibility. The workshop will include guided activities, Body Mapping, and hands-on direction. You may want to bring a musical instrument, laptop or other item related to your personal activities. Dress comfortably.

Drumming Workshop
Saturday, November 8th

The goal of this workshop is to help others find the true healing power, excitement, communication, and Zen that drumming can provide. The workshop will delve into techniques of many styles of drums, tempo, rythms, and how to spreak to each other using our drums. We will provide as many drums as possible, but if you have a drum or drums, please bring them for you and others!

Bardo Flow
Saturday, November 8th

Bardo Flow encourages authentic expression in the present space between past and future to music that empowers and enlightens within safe and welcoming environments. What will you find? You will find a diverse selection of music that stimulates your energy, your chakras, and your dance...An open space for your playful exploration of yourself, others, and movement...A beautiful studio with cork floors great for barefoot dancing!

Opening to Your Own Clairvoyance with Dr. Gwen
Tuesday, November 11th

Dr. Gwen utilizes specially designed exercises to allow each individual student to "feel" their own psychic abilities as they have the opportunity to share their experiences with others. Be ready to see you own clairvoyance as a doorway into greater worlds of wisdom while learning new techniques of reception from Dr. gwen MacGregor and your classmates. Class will also offer individual psychic messages from Dr.Gwen and a tarot spread for you. Light refreshments offered










Class Card Special:
For a limited time only, buy a 10 class card for only $120 (regularly $135), that's only $12 a class!! Don't miss out on this rare opportunity, it will only last until the end of November!

Facial Special:
Rejuvinate, restore, and recharge parched Summer skin with an Ultra-Hydrating Facial for only $50! (for a limited time only!)

Microdermabrasion Special:
Microdermabrasion is a state of the art, non-chemical exfloiation system by which the build up of dead skin cells is gently removed, thus revealing a brighter, smoother, more vibrant appearance. The benefits of microdermabrasion are numerous and immediate. Your skin will look and feel rejuvinated, polished to a bright and luminous glow...NOW FOR ONLY $90 (regularly $150), good through October 31st! CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE!

Massage Special:
Indulge in a Pumpkin Spice massage for only $80 for an hour (regularly $90)

Fraxel Special

$499 per treatment
Normal price $1000

Refer a friend a recieve a FREE one hour facial!

Results you can see and feel right away with little or no down time!

Smoother, fresher looking skin
Improved tone and texture
Reduced wrinkles around the eyes
Improved appearance of acne scars and surgical scars

Everyone's skin is different, but clinical studies suggest that for most people, maximum results are realized in just 3 to 5 sessions. They are usually spaced 2 to 6 weeks apart.


Ridgely Retreat is tucked away in charming West Annapolis
203 Ridgely Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Come enjoy. We'll be waiting.