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New VaihAyasa (Aerial Yoga) Class
The Sanskrit word for Aerial Yoga is VaihAyasa, which means moving or suspending in the air. VaihAyasa uses a soft fabric hammock that allows the student to deeply relax into proper alignment without strain to the joints. Using the fabric to assist with inversion allows the spine and neck to decompress. The weight of your body supported by the fabric creates space in the neck and spine. Stretching is easier and benefits the connective tissue, the fabric is a wonderful prop that allows deep stretching, strengthening and releasing.

The benefits of VaihAyassa (Aerial Yoga):
- Decompresses the spine
- Deeper stretches to release connective tissue
- Creates space in the body
- Safe traction in the neck by pulling gently on the spine to open the vertebral column
- Eliminate toxins and lactic acid build-up
- Clearer mind
- Glowing skin and reduced wrinkles

Classes are limited to 16. Please sign-up ahead of time for Saturday Aerial Yoga classes, as these classes fill up quickly. Let your instructor know about medical issues such as glaucoma, heart problems, or dizziness.

Please note: The fabric can snag easily, so please do not wear jewelery and keep nails trimmed. Also wear a shirt that covers your underarms for comfort. Don't eat or drink right before class

Bardo Flow
Saturday, April 11th

Bardo Flow encourages authentic expression in the present space between past and future to music that empowers and enlightens within safe and welcoming environments. What will you find? You will find a diverse selection of music that stimulates your energy, your chakras, and your dance...An open space for your playful exploration of yourself, others, and movement...A beautiful studio with cork floors great for barefoot dancing!

Spring into Yoga with Essential Oils - Teen Workshop
Sunday, April 12th12:00-2:00pm

Mary Kay Connerton incorporates essential oils into Ridgely's Spring, bi-monthly teen workshop. Participants will focus of the powerful effect that essential oils can have within one's yoga practice. Teens will incorporate the use of these oils during a relaxing, yet energizing yoga practice. Then, they will learn about three specific oils that can enhance stress-relief, energy, and confidence. Participants will choose their own personal sample to take off the mat and into their home.Parents are invited to attend the workshop for the last half-hour to take part. This workshop will be sure to get everyone centered for spring. Please register by April 10th.

Feng Shui Abundance, a Two Part Workshop
Sundays, April 12th & 26th
1:00- 4:00pm
$99 for both sessions

Feng Shui is the art of arranging our external environment to create harmony and balance in our life. The ancients who practiced feng shui knew that our outer surroundings mirrorthe conditions of our life, and vice versa. They therefore taugh that by arranging our surroundings to be in harmony wih the natural order, we can achieve happiness and prosperity. This is where the bagua comes into play. This workshop is two Sundays in a row. During the first week, you will be meditating on how to create more detailed vision for your Bagua. Charts, boards, writing tools, and glue are provided. Please feel free to bring magazines for visual support of your goals.

The Essence Project
Friday, April 24th from 7-10pm
& Saturday, April 25th from 1-9pm
$297, Early Bird $247

The most powerful force within you is also the most vulnerable. The essence project is a process where each woman has a chance to dive deeper within and access the core of her being to truly be seen regardless of her flaws, insecurities, or shadows. The project is designed with freedom for each woman to create an experience based on her own desires and intentions. Experience Primal Feminine Movement, DanceStrology, and Essence Portraits.

Crystal Bowl Soundbath
Friday, May 8th
$27 or 2 class card punches

A sonic environment is created by using a variety of instruments including quartz crystal and Himalayan bowls, gong and rain stick, along with mantra, vocal toning, and chant. The instruments are played around you and over you, and sometimes on you, so you can feel the vibrations of the instruments. Sound with heartfelt intension bypasses the analytical hemisphere of the brain allowing the creative and intuitive hemisphere to have free reign. Relax, enjoy, and bathe in a shower of soothing tones.

Healing through Art Workshop with Joyce Diana Kolb
Saturday, May 9th
1:30- 4:30pm
$40 by May 1st/$45 after

Healing through Art is a workshop designed to increase your conscious awareness and the healing wisdom within yourself through art, meditation, and music. Stimulating your creative energies helps to encourage the healthy balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Expressing ourselves through art helps to open up other channels of creativity in our workplace, relationships, and much more. Participants will experience guided meditations, music and the expression of creativity through their own artwork, which will help them be more open and receptive to other positive energies and feelings within. Each individual will experience creating numerous pieces of artwork through a variety of mediums.

Yoga Immersion Summer Camp for Teens
July 20-23rd & 27th-30th
$200 per week

Yoga Immersion Summer Camp for Teens is all about being immersed in the "yogi" life through the exposure to different yoga styles, meditation, creative connections, self-awareness, and fun! Teen's days will begin at 9am and end at 2pm, Monday through Thursday. One can register for one or both weeks. During the day, participants will combine yoga with activities of creative expression, outdoor exploration, cooking, and mindfulness in order to develop a greater understanding of yoga and themselves. Teens should bring a lunch or money to buy snacks at Ridgely's Namaste Cafe. Led by one of Ridgely's own, Mary Kay Connerton is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour) and an Anne Arundel County Public School Teacher. She offers a relaxed, friendly and nurturing environment for her students.





Facial Special:
*Ridgely Retreat's Facial Membership -
With a 3 month membership receive, once a month, your choice of a facial, a Microdermabrasion, or a Lactic Peel with one of our highly skilled estheticians. Also, enjoy 10% off of any of our skin care products. Cost is $150 for 3 months (that's $50 per service)! Call today to purchase your membership.

*Get Glowing Radiant Skin with a customized facial for only $75 (reg. $90).

*Experience microdermabrasion for just $90 (reg. $150)

Fraxel Special

$599 per treatment
Normal price $1000

Refer a friend a recieve a FREE one hour facial!

Results you can see and feel right away with little or no down time!

Smoother, fresher looking skin
Improved tone and texture
Reduced wrinkles around the eyes
Improved appearance of acne scars and surgical scars

Everyone's skin is different, but clinical studies suggest that for most people, maximum results are realized in just 3 to 5 sessions. They are usually spaced 2 to 6 weeks apart.


Ridgely Retreat is tucked away in charming West Annapolis
203 Ridgely Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Come enjoy. We'll be waiting.